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Credit Agricole Bank is a universal bank that focuses on building long-term relationships with customers, providing professional consultancy and friendly customer service. It is also one of the leaders of consumer finance market. The Bank is strongly committed to responsible financing and corporate social responsibility.

It focuses on using digital solutions and technological innovations in its activity. It is the first bank in Poland to have launched the electronic method of signing instalment agreements. Credit Agricole Bank has a comprehensive offering of banking products and services for retail customers, small and medium businesses, corporations and farmers. The offering includes personal account packages, a constantly developed range of insurance Lukas bank online logowanie savings products and services e.

CA Saverinvestment funds, mortgage and credit cards sold in branches and in retail chains in cooperation with partners.

This growth results from many initiatives that we implemented, which were aimed at increasing revenues on the one hand, and keeping costs under strict control on the other hand. Lukas bank online logowanie reason Lukas bank online logowanie the Bank publishes results in this way is that it is possible to compare them with those of majority of banking groups operating in the Polish market that publish consolidated results.

These groups are composed, for example, of lease companies, investment funds, open pension funds, brokerage houses or factoring companies. The Bank plans to achieve these objectives by gradually increasing the number of active customers and building long-term customer relationships among other things. The relationships are to be based on professional advisory services, offers tailored to individual needs, and friendly customer service.

The Group provides Credit Agricole Bank Polska with know-how and financial Lukas bank online logowanie in achieving the Lukas bank online logowanie goals. In this position, he was responsible, among others, for the network of branches, marketing and sales, e-banking, as well as the Lukas bank online logowanie of loans and risk.

He has in-depth expertise both in corporate and retail areas. Before joining LUKAS Bank Beata has been associated with ING Group in its Russian, Dutch and Polish structures. She acted as Human Resources Director in ING Nationale Nederlanden in Poland, managing HR division. Over this period, she has gained experience mainly in retail banking. She also graduated from numerous prestigious courses and seminars in the fields of banking, finance and management.

He also has a number of publications to his name on banking and finance, including in particular investment project financing, syndicated loans and credit risk assessment and management. Lukas bank online logowanie Mas has extensive knowledge and experience in banking.

A year later he set up and Lukas bank online logowanie the head of GIE CA SERVICES, where he was responsible for implementation of NICE. Richard Paret is a telecommunications and network engineer; he graduated from Toulouse University in France. He also has set up a new sales, marketing and animation structure policy. Before joining CA Serbia he has been responsible for consumer finance business in Sofinco. In Hungarian subsidiary Jean-Paul was Chief Executive Officer, while in previous years in France - in headquarters and Lukas bank online logowanie structures - he occupied various positions up to Senior Skok stefczyka łódź broniewskiego for Commercial Development.

His professional career developed in Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy and, following the merger, in Bank Zachodni WBK.

During that time he performed a number of functions at various management levels in Poland and abroad. In Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy he launched the first electronic banking service in Poland and one of the first credit cards. During the merger of Bank Zachodni and Wielkopolski Banki Kredytowy, on the position of read article management board member, Mr Marciniak was responsible for the consolidation of electronic banking systems and card business.

He also supervised the creation of the call centre and payment card acceptance centre. He participated in the creation Lukas bank online logowanie a number of marketing campaigns including, among others, Arka investment funds and BZ WBK featuring international celebrities.

He also finished Kellogg School of Management in USA and London Business School In Great Britain. In line with recommendations from the National Bank of Poland and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Credit Agricole Bank develops finance and economics education.

All You Need to Know About Banking campaign. We support schools in teaching the youngest pupils the basics of banking, finance and business. We believe that by teaching children respect for money and money management, and first of all by encouraging children to develop the habit of saving money, we give them a head start for their future. In preparing the campaign we were guided by the Chinese proverb "A lesson that reaches the ears but not the heart is like dinner eaten in a dream".

Therefore, in the Bank with Class programme children learn through play and experience. We also encourage children Lukas bank online logowanie read books; finance-related excerpts from the books they read are used as key themes of most classes. Classes are run by staff of the bank who have volunteered for the project. Classes are conducted in schools, one in a bank branch. So far, more than a hundred employees have taken part in the campaign as volunteer teachers; they taught a total of five thousand children in nearly ninety schools.

In addition to teaching finance to children we also support schools of higher education. Another programme through which we get involved in the life of our local communities and support local initiatives is the I Act Cause I Like It employee volunteering programme, which includes a grant programme. The bank also gets involved in numerous initiatives promoting pro-social attitudes among its staff, such as, among others, the Bank With a Charitable Twist initiative consisting in collecting plastic caps.

The goal of this Christmas initiative is to prepare and deliver Christmas gift packs to the most needy families in Poland. In line with its universal proximity bank philosophy, the bank also participates in various trade events.

The bank also supported the Breeder of the Year competition and the organization of VAT workshops for farmers organized by "TopAgrar" magazine. Credit Agricole Bank also gets Lukas bank online logowanie in numerous environmental protection initiatives. By carrying out such projects, the bank actively promotes pro-environmental attitudes among its staff. One of pro-environmental initiatives of the bank has been ecodriving training Lukas bank online logowanie its staff.

The idea behind it was to show that ecodriving helps to reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse gas Raty bez bik przez, and the number of car accidents, which translates into substantial savings and protects the environment.

The training was aimed to improve safety and also to raise awareness of ecodriving. Participants in the campaign collect points which are then used to support bird protection.

We have received numerous awards for our pro-social and pro-environment activities. All You Need to Know About Banking campaign won the first prize in the Banking World Leaders competition in the CSR category. Competition prizes were awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions to the development of the banking sector in Poland, the most interesting solutions, and to the most effective banks.

Our good practices that won recognition from the Responsible Business Forum in previous years also include the Code of Ethics, the Green Week initiative, the I Act Cause I Like It employee volunteering programme, the Centre for Active People campaign, and the Share the Knowledge programme.

On several occasions we were also ranked highly by "Gazeta Finansowa" weekly. The award was granted to us in recognition of the promotion of culture among our staff. Please be advised that we respond to selected proposals only. Under this product Credit Вернулся, Kredyt studencki umk посмотрела let farmers close the deposit any time without losing interest or bearing additional costs.

Lukas bank online logowanie about all those going for winter holiday and fans of Lukas bank online logowanie going abroad the bank prepared a promotion concerning cash withdrawal from ATMs all over the world without any commission. Also in January the Bank adopted the Corporate Governance Rules for Supervised Institutions issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority KNF.

Towards the end of January the Bank launched the first property insurance product in the individual model: accident insurance Pakiet na Wypadki and assistance insurance Multipakiet Maxi. The sale of insurance products in the individual model means that one must hold a Certificate of Person Performing Agency Activities OWCA Certificate to be able to sell such products.

February saw the launch Lukas bank online logowanie стояла Getin bank ursynów правда cash loan TV campaign with Juliette Binoche, who encouraged customers to open accounts at Credit Agricole later on.

It was the eleventh time that the Bank offered its support for this festival. Credit Agricole presented its offering to farmers at the AGROTECH Agricultural Machinery Show in Kielce, where it presented financial solutions for agriculture: from Agricole account to investment loans and savings. Among these initiatives were educational projects for local communities, responsible purchasing policy, installing defibrillators and employee volunteering programme.

Also in April the Bank adjusted its operations to Recommendation U issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority by selling insurance products in the individual model.

In the past credit agents and partner branches offered cash loans, credit cards and group insurance products only. In June the Bank celebrated the Credit Agricole Day in all branches in Poland for the second time, offering a lot of attractions to customers.

The Bank intends to help candidates to reach agreement with potential employers, and to show what the recruitment process looks like in practice. Young people taking part in the programme can test themselves during mock job interviews carried out by experienced recruitment specialists.

Among other things, the jury paid attention to brand awareness, the level of adjustment of the offer to market needs, the transparency of the offer, fees and charges, customer service quality Lukas bank online logowanie the loyalty policy. In July Krystian Jaworski, an economist from the Lukas bank online logowanie Analysis Department of Credit Agricole won a competition organized by Obserwator Finansowy, having presented his original Lukas bank online logowanie for changes to the public finances.

In the summer, the Bank once again launched a promotion for customers going abroad: Lukas bank online logowanie the end of September they were able to withdraw cash from ATMs all over the world without a fee. Lukas bank online logowanie reduction was supported an unusual advertising campaign We Reduce the Interest Rate in Grand Style!

In September Credit Agricole took part in the activities connected with the European Sustainable Transport Week. In October the Bank launched its offer of EUR, USD and GBP accounts for business customers. Also in October the Bank once again organized the Account Day, Lukas bank online logowanie achieved a huge popularity among customers. In December Credit Agricole ranked second in the Bank Call Centers Survey organized by Instytut Badawczy ARC Rynek i Opinia.

The survey assessed the customer service quality in the telephone and e-mail service. Before Christmas the Bank prepared special offers for its customers in the Credit Agricole Discount Club, allowing them to save a lot on Christmas shopping. The Bank also encouraged customers to do their shopping online, and take out instalment loans to finance the purchased items.

As usual, towards the end of the year Lukas bank online logowanie staff of Lukas bank online logowanie Agricole Bank Lukas bank online logowanie again supported pre-Christmas initiatives to help those in need.

This time, they joined the Christmas Food Collection campaign and - for the ninth time already - the nationwide Noble Pack campaign. In November the Bank offered customers cash loans on special terms once again. Early in that month the Bank launched a pre-Christmas cash loan campaign. In November Credit Agricole also encouraged the existing and potential credit card holders to take part in the Pay with Card and Win!

Lukas bank online logowanie most active participants had a chance to win one of forty Apple products. In October, Credit Agricole also prepared a promotional offer for licensed petanque players Pozyczka bez bik reki for clubs which are members of the Polish Petanque Federation.

The голос Pożyczka przez internet bez wychodzenia z domu хотел, encouraged by the success of the first edition of the We Are Ready! Lukas bank online logowanie requirements that had to be met by the customer to enjoy the bonuses offered by Credit Agricole Bank were related to daily banking. At the end of August, Credit Agricole invited young people who are planning or beginning their professional career to take part in a Career Hacking competition; the winners were announced in October.

Lukas bank online logowanie, five winners will be selected, who will go on a six-day educational trip to Paris.

In mid-August the bank offered cash loans on special terms. In August, Source Agricole also launched a new Website of the Discount Club. The new feature allows the card user to do that either at home or in the shop, using a smartphone or a tablet. POS terminals are offered together with business accounts with no maintenance fee.

No rental fee is charged for a POS terminal for three months. The POS terminals offered can be used not only Lukas bank online logowanie accepting card payments, but also for mobile phone top-ups and for loyalty programmes for customers of a shop or patients of a medical practice. Based on an analysis of benefits paid to its customers, the bank modified its life insurance package as a result of which the solutions offered accommodate the needs of customers taking out insurance to a fuller degree.

At the same time, the bank launched a promotion for six- and nine-month deposits offered to new customers who decide to open personal accounts with Credit Agricole and undertake to make regular payments into their accounts.

In June, the bank offered businesses a Business Account overdraft promotion. Under the promotion, the bank offered to set up one-year overdrafts free of see more, no fee for the renewal of such overdrafts, and no account maintenance fee throughout the dlugoterminowa przez internet Pozyczka of Kredyt wkładu własnego bez an overdraft.

The bank invited ten experts, specializing in psychology, journalism, management, marketing, law, running own business, personal style, corporate finance, HR, and customer service, to participate in the project.

On their Facebook fan pages, the mentors Lukas bank online logowanie their experience and professional achievements, ask questions, and encourage discussion. IMPLYsaving account packages were once again used by Credit Agricole to strengthen its position as a universal bank.

Also in April, Credit Agricole made Lukas bank online logowanie the CA Navigator application атомные Pozyczki bankowe pod zastaw nieruchomosci громадный its Website that can be used by any person interested in entrusting their savings to the bank to define their goals and choose products offered by the bank that will help the person to save money to achieve those goals.

The system suggests products that meet the needs of the customer and enables the visit web page to compare, save, and view simulations. In March, Credit Lukas bank online logowanie presented its offering to farmers at the AGROTECH Agricultural Machinery Show in Kielce.

The Credit Agricole offer was one of the most attractive ones in the market at that time as customers could open deposits without Lukas bank online logowanie to meet any additional requirements. In the same month, the bank started to sell InvestMedica. Also in January, the bank announced the launch of its cooperation with John Deere.

Credit Agricole is the only bank in Poland that offers to finance purchases of machinery and equipment under the John Deere Financial programme, available to customers of Lukas bank online logowanie John Deere dealers only. This time the bank encourages saving for down payments. At the end of the year Credit Agricole introduced an investment loan for purchase of arable lands and agricultural properties to its offering.

Thanks to complete information about products and the opening up to mobile users, the website makes it easy for users to familiarize themselves with the products and services offered by Credit Agricole and make an online purchase decision. The size of the screen Lukas bank online logowanie by a user is no longer important as the layout is adapted to the screen being used. In September Credit Agricole made interest on standard offering deposits even more attractive.

Staying true to our motto "Simply and Sensibly" we have prepared the offer for all customers, and there were no additional eligibility requirements. Also in September the bank organized a panel discussion: Infrastructure Financing - Politics or Business?

The discussion was chaired by Jakub Borowski, Chief Economist of Credit Agricole Bank Lukas bank online logowanie S. Among other things, the participants tried to answer the questions concerning profitability criteria and the impact of central and local government bodies on business effectiveness of learn more here projects.

To support its customers in achieving this goal the Bank rewards them with extra interest for saving regularly. In April the bank launched another product Lukas bank online logowanie farmers: an investment loan for purchase of arable lands.

Customers who intend to start agricultural activities can also take out this loan. With this merger a business model was created Lukas bank online logowanie which both transaction banking products and investment banking products are offered to corporations.

Internet users awarded the Bank with this honourable distinction for its Simply Calculated Loan. With spring Credit Agricole Bank Polska entered the agribusiness market. Credit Agricole offered them a flexible payment schedule tailored to their credit capacity and seasonal character of their business. The Supervisory Board underlined the enormous contribution of the President in the development of the Bank and the fact that his education and professional experience guaranteed prudent and stable management.

Romuald Szeliga has been involved in banking almost from the very start of his professional career. Best Practices" recognized Credit Agricole Bank Polska with four awards. In April, Credit Agricole Bank Polska offered all those interested in purchasing a car, especially in the pre-owned market, the Fast Car Loan.

Lukas bank online logowanie new product was an addition to the Bank Car Loan already offered by Credit Agricole. The customer can now choose whether to use the traditional bank offer with its good price, possibility of obtaining a higher loan amount and longer financing period - but with security established on the vehicle, or the Fast Car Loan, with funding available almost immediately, without further formalities, with the possibility to benefit from reduced interest rates.

In May, Credit Agricole prepared a Lukas bank online logowanie lottery for its go here, in which the lucky winners could receive the equivalent of the savings that accumulated in the bank. Funds in I Save savings accounts, Lukas bank online logowanie PRO insurance and savings policies and fixed-term deposits were eligible for the promotion.

To qualify for the lottery it was enough to have one thousand PLN gathered in all of these products or in any one of them on the Lukas bank online logowanie of the draw. At the beginning of July Credit Agricole introduced a new investment product. At the end of the month the Bank announced that it had once Lukas bank online logowanie invited Juliette Binoche to participate in its image building campaign. The decision to continue cooperation with the French actress was due to the success of Lukas bank online logowanie first image building campaign she participated in.

Studies confirmed that customers viewed her positively as Skok stefczyka w jarocinie ambassador of Bank brand. In August, Credit Agricole Bank Polska introduced the Business Loan offer for representatives of liberal professions, which could be used for financing anything related to their business activity.

Also existing SME customers could apply for the cash loan. In October, the Bank offer Lukas bank online logowanie expanded with new packages of SIMPLY Saving accounts. Free online transfers, a Personal Overdraft Facility, contactless cards, a service which facilitates saving - are Lukas bank online logowanie components of the packages. The bank addresses Lukas bank online logowanie latest offer both to customers who use their accounts actively and expect tailored solutions and to those who use their accounts occasionally, but value personal contact with the advisor.

At the same time Credit Agricole introduced a new functionality - Round-Up Savings. It allows customers, little by little, to put aside some specified amounts. All non-cash transactions made with any card issued to new account packages are rounded up and the round-up amount is transferred to the I Save savings account. In November, Credit Agricole announced that it would soon provide services to the largest corporations.

The Bank will merge with the Polish branch of the corporate and investment banking arm of its shareholder. This is another considerable step on the way to universal banking. The Bank is waiting for the KNF consent to go ahead with the merger.

Also in November, Credit Agricole simplified the account opening process for corporate clients. They can now open an account using electronic documents, which will then be verified by Bank employees online in relevant registries. In January LUKAS Bank starts the refurbishment of its bank branches.

The refurbished outlets feature both new external design furniture, customer service stations and overall organization of work of advisors. The refurbishment is a part of a larger project aimed at introducing a new model of work in all LUKAS Bank branches in Poland. By the end of the year the bank plans to refurbish all branches.

In May LUKAS Bank promotes its cash loan by clearly communicating the associated costs. The Bank asserts that every Customer can easily calculate the costs of a loan. The click to see more is supported by a TV commercial. All our efforts are designed to make our bank even more credible, accessible, professional and friendly towards Customers.

The commercial showed the bank in the context of the likes and dislikes of financial institution customers. The light-in-style film collage illustrated the motto of Credit Agricole Bank Polska, "Prosto i z sensem", in a very simple but at the same time Lukas bank online logowanie attractive way.

In November, Credit Agricole Bank Polska launched its Discount Club for those Lukas bank online logowanie that want to use their payment cards even more effectively and save money at the same time. Under the program customers Lukas bank online logowanie get discounts at the moment of making a card payment; discounts are applied right at the till. An innovative feature of the program offered by Credit Agricole is the possibility for customers to enjoy not only discounts offered in partner stores on a regular basis, all year round, but also extra discounts.

At the end of the year we revamped our credit card portfolio. The most important of the changes made was the structuring of the offering in line with the retail Lukas bank online logowanie segmentation. The aim of the change was to tailor the offering to meet, to a larger extent than previously, the needs of card holders and to make the products offered more distinct. In the Standard segment the bank launched a Credit Agricole Visa Standard card replacing the Maxima PLUS card.

The Silver segment is represented by Credit Agricole Visa Silver and Credit Agricole MasterCard Silver cards, the latter replacing the MasterCard FURORA card. The Gold segment cards offered include Credit Agricole Visa Gold and Credit Agricole MasterCard Gold.

In March LUKAS Bank offers to its bank account customers a car loan, a mortgage loan and a cash Lukas bank online logowanie without any origination fee, free current read more and standing orders as well as higher interest rates on saving accounts and term deposits.

The offer is also advertised on TV and on the Internet. The Bank initiates CSR activities - it co-organizes the actions: "Get your bike to work. Let your car rest for a week" and "Saving Paper Saves Hedgehogs". In June and July LUKAS Lukas bank online logowanie conducts the fist universal bank campaign-the Bank changes the service model for individual customers.

Advisors do not wait for customers in bank branches but actively call them and invite to meetings. In June the layout of the bank website changes. New functionalities, such as a search tool and useful clipboard, are added. In July the Bank launches Lokata Poranna "morning term deposit" with daily capitalization of interest, and in August it provides its customers with individual credit line facility for accounts. The meeting was organised under the Business Education Forum programme, designed to bring together the experience of business people and the theoretical knowledge of academics.

LUKAS Bank promotes a consolidation loan. In September the Bank implements a new sales structure. Credit centers are transformed into bank branches that provide comprehensive product offering. LUKAS Bank has launched a credit card-based FURORA loyalty programme. For the payments Lukas bank online logowanie with the FURORA card the customer gets a refund of a part of the amount spent on shopping.

LUKAS Bank provides its Lukas bank online logowanie with an option to receive statements via Lukas bank online logowanie. The Bank opened the first fully franchised credit centre. LUKAS Bank exceeded the number of one million issued credit cards thus assumed the leader position among credit card issuers in Poland. Fast developement of LUKAS Banks sales network.

Number of credit centers. LUKAS Bank Lukas bank online logowanie also first mobile bank branch in Poland - LUKASmobil. Consequent to this operation, business activities pursued click to see more date by LUKAS were transferred to LUKAS Bank, which now pursues its activities in two business lines: retail banking and consumer finance.

Taking advantage of the growth potential of the Polish financial services market, LUKAS Bank extensively develops its line of retail banking, also aimed at the SME sector. LUKAS SA reinforces its position as the consumer finance leader and constantly expands its offering of cash loans, car loans, and credit Lukas bank online logowanie - so as to provide the customers with a comprehensive range of financial services.

Consequently, one of the world"s biggest financial groups becomes a shareholder of the Bank. The Bank creates a Poland-wide network of bank outlets and launches its customer service over the phone and Lukas bank online logowanie Internet. The Bank starts co-operation with the biggest commercial chains in Poland in the provision of credit facilities to customers.

Consequently, LUKAS SA, a leader in the consumer finance market - becomes one of the Bank"s shareholders. The instalment loan service is transferred from a trading company LUKAS Sp. The Company"s service is called the LUKAS Instalment System.

During the first years of its existence, the Bank is a universal financial institution. In May, LUKAS Sp. Soon other branches appear across Poland. In the same year a trading company LUKAS sp. Polish limited liability company is established. You can also speak to a Consultant at any time.

Credit Agricole Bank Polska S. Credit Agricole Bank Polska is wholly owned by Credit Agricole Polska S. List of correspondent banks. Credit Agricole na portalu Facebook.

Credit Agricole na portalu YouTube. Raty w karcie kredytowej. Kredyt na systemy fotowoltaiczne. Kredyt na zakup mieszkania lub Lukas bank online logowanie. Lokaty terminowe w walutach obcych.

Promocyjne oferty lokat terminowych. Fundusz inwestycyjny Credit Agricole. MiFID - Bezpieczne inwestowanie. Komentarze rynkowe - CA FIO. Ubezpieczenia Lukas bank online logowanie elementem inwestycyjnym prod. Ubezpieczenia wycofane z oferty. To use the service, please prepare your ID number assigned to you in the bank branch Lukas bank online logowanie your phone code.

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